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RAT BAT BLUE (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice)

Hey baby, what you gonna do
When the lights go up on you ?
What's your name, can I drive you home ?
Sweet woman, are you all alone ?
You're the one for me
I'm gonna keep you busy as a bee, could bee, could be
Rat bat blue

Now, get up woman, don't be slow
It's getting late and I wanna go
No cause for acting big
Got to love, got to live
Stick around with me
I'm gonna show you things you never thought you'd see,you see
Rat bat blue
You're so fine

Get out ! You didn't understand
I'm a hard loving man
No way you can satisfy
The way you look, the way you lie
And when you shut the door
Make sure I don't see you 'round here no more
Rat bat blue


Sting In The Tail




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